Margin Manager Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Joanne Keane

Margin Manager

Joanne Keane comes to her role at Margin Manager, with over 20 years project management and retail accounting experience.  She is a ‘details’ person, uniquely qualified to offer small-business owners a sensible, no-nonsense way to increase margins, while at the same time reducing overheads and increasing profits. Her role is to:

  • Analyse your current systems to highlight inefficiencies
  • ‘Crunch the numbers’ to identify where savings can be made
  • Accurately estimate margins, using reliable tools and techniques
  • Ensure that personnel productivity matches pay scales
  • Implement measures that will increase margins and reduce costs
  • Deliver and review staff training, to ensure more efficient processes and procedures

Fergal Cronnelly

Margin Manager

Fergal Cronnelly has extensive, retail management experience that spans more than two decades.  He has worked in several retail sectors, including grocery, deli, off-licence, butchery, fruit and veg.

Fergal has hands-on experience in all aspects of retail, including in hiring and managing staff, goods’ purchasing and pricing, stock control, margin management, budgeting, accounting, enforcement of health, safety, security and legal requirements.

He is familiar with the art of successfully managing very tight margins. Fergal is also involved in running his own international, online, retail business.

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