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About Us

The retail industry is and has been our business for over 20 years, with most of our clients coming from small businesses, including convenience stores and supermarkets.    

We understand the stresses and strains involved in running a retail store; the long hours, the legal requirements, health and safety obligations, hiring costs and considerations, pricing policies, stock control issues, etc.

Here at Margin Manager, we know the importance of tackling problems head-on, before they spiral out of control and force the hand of the business owner.  

We advocate a proactive approach that starts with identifying the source of a problem, followed by implementation of processes and controls that deliver effective, verifiable solutions. 

Margin Manager has successfully delivered highly efficient, cost saving and profit enhancing systems to a wide range of small and medium sized retail businesses, in recent years.

We Deliver Verifiable Results

Here at Margin Manager, we are confident about what we do, because we know that our techniques work.  We have first-hand experience of working with retailers and moving them to increased profitability, higher margins, reduced overheads and costs, all of which are reflected in their returns, often, following only the first or second quarter.   

Recent Successes:

  • Reduced variable overheads by 8%
  • Implemented full cash controls
  • Increased net margins by 1.5% over two quarters
  • Reduced waste by 10% over a quarter
  • Delivered full compliance with current legislation
  • Set up verification processes to ensure accurate delivery of orders
  • Applied stock controls, resulting in savings and higher margins
  • Made significant reductions in wage costs
  • Implemented time management strategies, leading to increased efficiencies
  • Made a business, audit and inspection ready
  • Delivered tighter controls, thereby significantly reducing pilfering and theft

Meet Our Team

Margin Manager's team of Joanne Keane and Fergal Cronnelly have over 20 years experience.

Meet The Team