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Margin Manager will deliver processes and procedures to your retail business that will result in significant reductions in your costs and overheads, increased efficiencies in productivity, work schedules and stock control, leading to increased margins and profit.

The Science of Selling

We will use the ‘science of selling’ to give you greater control over all aspects of your business. Margin Manager will put systems and structures in place that will identify and rectify shortcomings and inefficiencies in your retail business, supermarket or convenience store.

Margin Manager will utilize a range of strategies that will give you a competitive advantage, including: 

  • Wage Cost Analysis
  • Overheads & Costs Review
  • Stock Control Systems
  • Time Saving Schedules
  • Valuable Consultation and Advice

Objective Viewpoint

In our experience, shop owners are often too close to their own businesses, to be able to see the source of their problems.

Here at Margin Manager, we provide a fresh pair of eyes, an objective consideration of your current ‘set-up’, followed by ‘tailor made’ solutions that will not only reduce costs and overheads, but will also increase your margins and your bottom line.


In an environment, where there is strong competition from both new and existing businesses, we understand and respect your need for total privacy.  Before we start working with you, we will undertake to sign a confidentiality agreement, i.e. we will agree not to disclose any information regarding your business to any person, known or unknown to you.

About Us

A Comprehensive Range Of Services

  • Wage Cost Analysis

    Margin Manager will carry out a wage cost analysis, which will show the true cost of labour to your business.  Our analysis will identify, hidden inefficiencies, in areas, such as employee underperformance, wage rate excesses plus ineffective and costly work schedules.   By defining these covert costs, we will have taken the first step in effectively managing them.  Processes and procedures will then be put in place which will eliminate these inefficiencies.  Our aim will be to ensure your employees are being productive and to reduce your wage costs to an acceptable level - 13% of your nett sales.

  • Overheads & Costs Review

    We will conduct a thorough root and branch review of all of your overheads and costs, in order to identify excesses in your outgoings and expenditure.  Margin Manager will then empower and equip you with tools and strategies that will have the effect of reducing your overall costs, while at the same time increasing your margins and your bottom line.

  • Deli Stock Control System

    The Deli in any retail outlet has the potential to be one of the main profit producers in any business, but it also has the potential to cost the most and to quite literally waste money.  The single most important way to ensure the highest margin, in a deli, is the introduction of an efficient Stock Control System.  Margin Manager will implement a comprehensive Stock Control System, incorporating appropriate stock levels, wastage reduction strategies and an efficient use of ‘transfers’.  By implementing and maintaining an ongoing, quality, Deli Stock Control System, you will see increased margins, almost immediately and as a consequence increased profits.

  • Valuable Consultation and Advice

    Margin Manager provide valuable consultation and advice to our clients in areas such as staff hiring and management, pricing and product selection, stock control, wastage reduction, adherence to regulation and legislation, banking issues, margin management, cross merchandising, staff training, theft and pilfering, employment legislation and health and safety regulations.

  • Save Time

    We will carry out an analysis of the current, time management practices at your business, in order to identify inefficiencies in your systems.  Protocols will be put in place that will improve existing practices, saving you precious time and ultimately leading to increased productivity, plus reduced overheads and costs.  Staff training will be implemented to ensure adherence to the new protocols. Regular reviews will be carried out in order to make sure the new protocols/procedures are being followed and adhered to.

  • Stock Control

    We will put in place stock controls for a number of major areas in your business, where margins may be tight and incorrect or lax stock control can have a devastating effect on your revenue stream and therefore on your overall margin.


Confident About What We Do

Here at Margin Manager, we are confident about what we do, because we know that our techniques work.  We have first-hand experience of working with retailers and moving them to increased profitability, higher margins, reduced overheads and costs, all of which are reflected in their returns, often, following only the first or second quarter.   

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